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  1. 2009.08.07 CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) 시험 합격~
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올해 봄, 파릇파릇하게 새싹이 돋아나는 주말을 학원이라는 좁은 공간에 갇혀서 자격증 시험 준비를 했었습니다.


그나마 다행인 것은 90만원에 육박하는 시험응시료를 회사에서 지원해줬다는 점인데요..


$525, 한화 73만원의 거금의 응시료를 들여 응시했던 ISACA주최의 CISA시험에 다행스럽게도 합격했습니다.


Dear Mr. Kang Namuk:

RE: CISA Exam Result Notification -- Exam ID: 09587903

At your request (per your exam registration authorization), this email is being sent to notify you of your June 2009 CISA exam result.

We are pleased to inform you that you successfully PASSED the exam with a total scaled score of 467. A scaled score of 450 or higher is required to pass, which represents the minimum consistent standard of knowledge as established by ISACA's CISA Certification Board. Your official score letter and application for certification will be sent by postal mail.

You have now taken the first step toward achieving the CISA certification and enjoying the many opportunities and benefits that being certified as a CISA brings. To become certified, you must complete and submit an application for certification, which is available on the ISACA web site at www.isaca.org/cisaapp. Once your application is approved, you will be CISA certified and you can begin to use the CISA designation.

For your information, your exam results by area are provided below.

         508  IS Audit Process
         482  IT Governance
         395  Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management
         510  IT Service Delivery and Support
         463  Protection of Information Assets
         469  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The above represents a conversion of individually weighted raw scores based on a common scale. As such do not attempt to apply a simple arithmetic mean to convert area scores to your total scaled score.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional information is NOT available within your ISACA online profile. Exam results will be posted online after 24 August, but will only contain your overall exam score. Your official score letter will be sent by postal mail.

Again, congratulations on passing the CISA exam, we look forward to having you join the more than 60,000 professionals worldwide who have earned the CISA credential. We wish you all the best in your professional pursuits.

Best Regards,
CISA Certification Board
ISACA: Serving IT Governance Professionals

뭐 가릴꺼 없이 점수도 다 공개하겠습니다. 어차피 학원에서 수업시간외에는 공부 해본 적도 없는 지라 점수가 높게 나오면 이상할꺼라고 생각했는데 커트라인을 살짝 넘긴정도네요..


합격했으니 학원비 지원해준 회사에 가서도 당당해질 수 있게 되었네요..

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