A letter to my daughter - from Nina Caprez

A letter to my daughter - from Nina Caprez

Written by Nina Caprez

Dear Lia,

Your heart was not doing right when you were born. It was the hardest for me and your daddy. We were afraid of losing you. By the age of 3 months you went through an open heart surgery. In our minds we gave up our lives full of travels and adventures because we thought that you would have to stay in, or close to a hospital all your life long.

We started dreaming again

But you were strong and did a little miracle. Your problem could be fixed with only one surgery. One months after you came out of the hospital, we went outdoors again. We saw that you were normal, like so many other babys and we started dreaming again of adventuring.

A few months later we left for a big trip to Morocco. It was a wild and rough adventure and sometimes we felt guilty because it was really rural. But you loved it and you learned so much about the big world.

Your surgery made us cry, so much

Lia, health is the most precious gift in life. Now we can educate you to be an open minded person, living fully the outdoors. Playing with kids coming from another continent, with another colour of skin, religion and believes. We never felt so grateful of seeing you out there, living life on its fullest by only 1,5 years.

Your surgery made us cry, so much. And now I see you play, run, climb, fall and stand up. We cry again, but this times our tears are tears of joy!

Nina Caprez and her little daughterPhotos Credit: Jérémy Bernard

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